How to Choose a Golf Travel Bag: 6 Best Characteristics


Look for extra features, which can help set a golf travel bag apart.

Many popular vacation destinations have golf courses, and you can save a considerable amount of money on rentals by bringing your own set of golf clubs. When bringing your golf clubs on a trip, secure them safely inside a golf travel bag to protect them from damage, especially bending of the club shaft.

Not all golf travel bags are alike. Compare the six important characteristics of a golf travel bag to make an educated decision on which bag is best for your golf travel needs.

  1. Choose the case material. Golf travel bags are either hard-shell cases or soft fabric cases. Hard cases are more durable and the choice of most pro golfers, according to GolfLink. Soft cases are much cheaper and, with the proper care, can still adequately protect your golf clubs.
  2. Weigh the travel bags. Lighter is better, especially if you plan to take your bags onto an airline where there is a limit on the weight of your luggage. This may not be as important to you if you’re just packing your clubs on a road trip.
  3. Inspect the lining of the golf travel bags. The best bag will have a thick layer of padding to help cushion your golf clubs if the bag is dropped or thrown. Avoid golf bags that have no lining.
  4. Check the bottom of the bags. Some golf travel bags have wheels to make transporting your clubs easier when they are stowed away. Wheels may add onto the cost of your bag but can be worth the cost unless you are willing to carry the bag by hand.
  5. Feel the handles on the golf travel bags. The handles should be placed on the sides of the bag to make handling it easier, and they should fit your hand comfortably when grabbed.
  6. Look for extra features, which can help set a golf travel bag apart if you’re finding that two or more bags are comparable in all other aspects. Some bags include organizing pockets and attachments to hold golf gear like balls and tees.